How To Use Your Smartphone to Monitor CCTV

Posted on 4th February 2015

Whether you’re away on business, or simply want to keep an eye on your home while you’re on holiday, a new generation of CCTV systems will keep you just a swipe away from an advanced security system.

From commercial premises to your personal property, smartphone CCTV (also referred to as remote surveillance) gives you the power to keep an eye on your bricks and mortar from any location in the world using your smartphone, laptop or tablet.


So how does this system work?

Could it be a good fit for your security needs? Is it secure? And how can you get set up? We have all the answers…

How does smartphone CCTV work?

The technology behind so-called ‘smartphone’ CCTV doesn’t actually rely on your smartphone. In fact, this remote CCTV technology will allow you to log in to your surveillance cameras using any device with a browser and a broadband connection.

Of course, a handy smartphone app (which is available with the majority of good systems) will make logging in and taking stock swifter and simpler, but you can access your technology from any browser using a dedicated IP address entered through a CMS system arranged by your security firm. The technology will allow you to control cameras remotely and access recordings from any time and date. You can even stream footage live.

The technical bit

So how does your footage make its way to your smartphone screen? Similar to home monitoring software like Hive, your equipment can be hooked up to a server and connected to the increasingly prevalent IoT (Internet of Things).

With your CCTV DVR connected to the internet via a broadband router, you will be able to use your provider’s software to access everything your cameras record – plus control them remotely. And there you have it! Your security footage available as it records from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Why use remote CCTV?

Peace of mind, eagle eyes – why would you settle for a less accessible security solution? With technology becoming increasingly interactive and hands on, this is the next natural progression for CCTV.

Whether you’re on the move or working overseas, CCTV accessed via smartphone puts the power in your hands. From monitoring quality and minimising employee theft, to reducing personal injury claims and cutting down on vandalism, these remote systems put you in the driving seat when it comes to your security.

How to get started

We’ve come across a few interesting, hobbyist homemade smartphone CCTV systems recently. However, if you’re looking for a professional solution that will protect your home and business, it’s time to approach the specialists and find out more about the right technology for your premises. They’ll be able to advise on the most intuitive systems, with the very best features, which meet your precise needs.

Alert (CCTV) Systems Ltd offer a complete portfolio of CCTV solutions for clients ranging from sole traders to multi-nationals. Speak with our team today to discover cost-competitive standard format solutions or purpose-built bespoke systems that fit challenging applications.
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