6 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

Posted on 5th June 2015

Survey after survey confirms the truth: in a huge number of UK businesses, non-management employees are prone to disengagement, disenfranchisement and to working at less than their true capacity. If the expression “time-thievery” strikes a chord with your business, it’s likely that you have a productivity problem in your place of work.

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In this blog we’ll be sharing a few techniques for tackling poor productivity levels, to get your business busy and back on track…

1. Incentivise your team

For many businesses, the carrot is much more effective than the stick when it comes to boosting employee productivity. Invest time in creating a strong and logical system of achievable rewards which encourage your staff, from low-level employees to senior management, to ensure they’re giving their all to their role.

2. Give regular, personal feedback

The more engaged you are with your staff, the more engaged they will be with your business. Regular performance reviews in which you give feedback and set goals will show your staff that they are noticed and that what they do at work really matters – encouraging them to care more and to keep their standards as high as possible.

3. Build personal connections

Regular feedback shows your staff that they are valued and noticed. Yet developing a personal connection with your employees is an equally effective way to establish a productive relationship with them.

At the lower levels of your business, staff can see their job and their boss as a faceless company, which diminishes how much they care about what they do, and how invested they are in their role.

Developing positive, personal connections (i.e. remembering birthdays, getting to know your team better on company days out) will help spur on productivity by giving your company a personal face and a little more meaning for staff members. Few people care about working for a corporation, but they’re much more inclined to care about working for a person they respect.

4. Give praise – loudly

Financial incentives and rewards are all well and good, but there’s little more motivating than positive feedback and praise – particularly when its delivered publicly. Openly praising a team member doesn’t just motivate the individual, it also encourages other staff members to follow a positive example, boosting productivity all round.

5. Ensure leadership “walks the walk”

To make sure productivity is where it should be, you need a leadership and management team that sets a good example. Your higher level employees must set a good example for other staff, sure they can talk the talk, but if they can’t walk the walk, your entire team is likely to follow suit. Ensure that all individuals in a position of responsibility understand that they must play things by the book. If they lose the respect of staff, productivity will take a nosedive.

6. Embrace CCTV

It might sound a little “Big Brother”, but harnessing CCTV technology can help you boost employee productivity. We’re not just talking about the impact of ensuring your staff know that they’re on camera. In fact, this type of surveillance can be counter-productive. Instead we’re talking about using CCTV at your premises to monitor performance and mastermind improvements.

Perhaps productivity takes a nosedive on Friday afternoons.

Perhaps your staff are spending more time around the watercooler than they are at their desks on Wednesdays. Using workplace CCTV to identify problem areas and to devise solutions (perhaps you should schedule a weekly team meeting during typical lulls?) is a great way to tackle time-wasting and get productivity back on track.

To learn more about our approach to boosting productivity in your business, contact the Alert CCTV team today. TEL: 0207 383 3080.
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