The Top 5 Bungling Robberies Caught on CCTV

Posted on 18th June 2015

It’s a sad fact that we live in a society where crime is still a big issue and a rising cause for concern in many parts of the country. Unfortunately, one of the prime targets tends to be hard working local retail businesses which have stock and cash on hand that is easily accessible to the average opportunist.

Many businesses have taken extra steps to protect themselves against criminals including the installation of CCTV cameras which has proven to be the best deterrant against shoplifting, robberies and related crime.

There are however some individuals who have proven to be so determined that nothing will stop them from carrying out their plans. Fortunately for the business owners many robberies go completely awry as you’ll see with our top 5 bungling robberies caught on CCTV.

Cracking Window Robbery
Lots of criminals attempt break-ins after hours to lower the risk of being caught. With the CCTV footage capturing this full incident, it wasn’t long before the police managed to apprehend the individual in question. I wonder why?

Cash Machine Surprise
If all the goods on the premises were as stubborn as this cash machine criminals would have a much harder time stealing anything. Here’s another bungled robbery which just goes to show that crime doesn’t pay. With the theives also being caught on camera, it won’t be long before the law catches up to them either.

ill-Equipped Criminal
If you are dumb enough to commit crime the smart thing to do would be to at least have the right tools on hand during a robbery. CCTV cameras were able to capture this robber in action and thanks to good security measures they left rather disappointed.

Shopkeeper Bravery
When faced with being robbed and outnumbered it’s often a wise decision to give the criminals what they want and let the CCTV robbery footage do the work in helping apprehend the individuals. This shopkeeper obviously had another idea in mind.

More Than They Bargained For
Usually it’s the robbers who surprise the shopkeeper and as you might expect, this is exactly what happens. However, the CCTV cameras show a completely different outcome which will have the thieves thinking twice before attempting to commit the same crime again.

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