Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in Luton.

Posted on 20th August 2015

Luton, located in Bedfordshire County, is a city that has been inhabited as early as the 1100’s, and is well-known for many different attractions such as the Luton Town Football Club, London Luton Airport, the Luton Hat Factory, and the Luton International Carnival. The cultural climate is just as diverse, boasting many citizens of Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, and Irish descent. Just 54 km outside of London, the town is also a significant suburb and commuter point.

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Crime rates in Luton

Unfortunately, with close proximity to a large city comes the opportunity for a higher rate of crime and mischief. There were nearly 16,000 total crimes reported from the years 2013 to 2014, including hundreds of robberies, burglaries, and acts of violence against individuals.

The historical data also shows that crime was on the rise from years 2012 through 2014, further implicating the need for a way to stop these crimes. According to the Luton Borough Council, the installation of over 136 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras has helped to combat crime in the town and increase safety measures considerably. The CCTV’s are monitored constantly by a team of police experts, and they can act almost immediately when a crime is committed.

CCTV’s help to prevent crime by deterring criminals

If one knows that they will be filmed while committing an illegal act, they may be less inclined to go through with that act knowing that the police will have evidence against them. Furthermore, knowing that these cameras are constantly monitored adds further deterrence to those criminals contemplating acting against your home, business, or person.

CCTV in Luton

CCTV’s have been installed in many high-traffic areas in Luton, including Luton Town Centre, Bury Park, High Town, Hockwell Ring, and more. With the help of these cameras, over 16,000 perpetrators have been arrested and over 37,000 crimes have been recorded. The cameras don’t just help to stop petty criminals: in fact, the CCTV units have helped to identify images that led to arrests in both murder cases and large drug rings. All CCTV data is stored for a minimum of 28 days and is stored on a secure server as to not infringe upon privacy.

The advantages of CCTV in Luton

The great advantage to CCTV is that it is being monitored in real time. The police can identify a crime that is in progress on the cameras and immediately dispatch officers to the area. In 2013, a large robbery ring was cracked when a crime was noted in real time on the CCTV cameras.

As recently as March of this year, Bedfordshire Police released CCTV images that helped to arrest a criminal involved in violent burglaries. Luton Police routinely release images of persons of interest to the public as a method of obtaining more information, including the identities of perpetrators which then often lead to justice.

Although there have not been any official numbers on how much was spent on installing the cameras, the steady stream of evidence being released from CCTV in Luton clearly shows that criminals will no longer go unseen.

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