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Posted on 24th March 2017

You invest a lot of time, money and energy in your business and it is only natural to want to protect your investment. As an employer you are also responsible for ensuring the safety of your employees and customers. CCTV is one of the most secure and cost effective ways in which to ensure 24/7 monitoring of activity on your premises.

If you choose the right CCTV camera system it will provide you with a great combination of live monitoring so that you can check for suspicious activity and high definition recordings that can be used, if necessary, for prosecution. Ensuring that you choose the right CCTV system for your business from the wide range of options now available can be tricky. To help you with this, we have reviewed a range of CCTV cameras and systems and reviewed our 3 best options here.

Alert 750e Outdoor Master System – Logitech

Score: 9/10

Budget Level - High

Includes: This system includes one weatherproof outdoor camera with mounting and night vision capability, HomePlug AV compatible Powerline network adaptors (PoE), camera software for PC or Mac, Ethernet cables and cable management.

Camera: The Logitech 750e offers 720p image quality with great colour definition.

Setup: Colour-coded cables and simple instructions make this system quick and easy to set up.

Cabling: A Powerline adaptor provides power and network connection between the router and the camera in one neat cable.

Software: Windows software is enclosed with the system and Mac software is available via the Mac App Store. A free Logitech account and the Logitech Alert Mobile App are required if you wish to view images remotely.

Recording: The system can record internally via the 2GB micro SD card and higher capacity internal cards can be purchased. Data can also be recorded to another local device or to the cloud via Dropbox.

Features: The camera can be set up to be motion triggered. The area to be monitored can be selected via the software and motion alerts can be set up. Additional cameras are easily added to this system.

Overview: The 750e Outdoor Master System is not the cheapest system available but it does offer excellent value for money, reliability and compatibility. The Powerline connection is more secure than wireless and after the relatively easy setup, the system is easy and reliable to use. The variety of storage and backup options is an added bonus of this system with the cloud storage facility offering the opportunity for quick and easy backup.


Score: 7/10

Budget Level: Medium

Includes: The TV-NVR104K TRENDnet system includes two TV-IP320PI HD outdoor cameras, one four-channel NVR, a hard drive with a storage capacity of 1TB and 1080p video recording.

Cameras: There are two cameras in this system bundle, both are outdoor 1.3 megapixel IP cameras and each offers 30 metres of night vision.

Setup: The setup of this system is quick and easy with the adaptable brackets providing flexible options for camera angle.

Cabling: PoE cables provide neat power and network connections between the router and the cameras.

Software: The software for the TRENDnet system is not particularly user friendly but they offer a ticketed support system. Both IOS and Android apps are available for remote monitoring.

Recording: The Standalone 4-Channel PoE network video recorder offers quality and clarity with 1080p video recording.

Features: The TV-NV104K offers additional camera capacity with four power over Ethernet (PoE) ports and the option to add a PoE switch if more cameras are required. The night vision capability (up to 30 metres) is enhanced through the use of Smart IR, which varies the brightness of the infrared LEDs and avoids over-exposure on important features like faces.

Overview: This system offers flexibility with regard to camera numbers and compatibility. TRENDnet offer a wide range of cameras that will work within this system. It is important to remember however that the more cameras you add to a system, the more pressure you will put on its storage capacity. Although setup of this CCTV system is simple, getting to grips with the slightly clumsy software may take some time and require support.


LW2702 Wireless 2 Camera CCTV Security System - Lorex

Score: 5/10

Budget Level: Low

Includes: This Lorex system includes 2 outdoor compatible wireless cameras, a 7-inch LCD receiver, a remote control and a 2 GB SD card.

Cameras: Within this system there are two 480p resolution cameras with infrared night vision capability.

Setup: Setup for the Lorex LW2702 is easy with clear instructions.

Cabling: The cabling for this system is minimal as it relies on wireless connectivity.

Software: There are no additional software requirements for this system.

Recording: Camera shots from up to four cameras are viewed via the digital receiver but it is important to note that only the data from one camera can be recorded at a time. The recorded resolution is 480p, which may not provide enough clarity for prosecution purposes.

Features: Only two cameras are supplied with this system but it does offer the capacity for two additional cameras. Each camera uses a PIR motion sensor to detect changes in infrared energy and has built in microphones and speakers.

Overview: This system is a mid-level starter system that would be suitable for a small office or home installation. Wireless connectivity is not always the most reliable and we recommend that you also consider PoE systems.

At night the camera area is well illuminated by 12 IR LEDs but this system lacks the Smart IR technology of TRENDnet. Although in general a wireless system is more prone to downtime than a PoE system, the Lorex LW2702 system does try to manage this with signal strength and out of range notifications.

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