12 Clear Reasons Why Every Business Should Consider Installing CCTV

Posted on 2nd January 2018

Although crime against the wholesale and retail sector is falling, in 2016 retail business owners reported over 5.2 million incidents of crime, this means that 37% of all wholesale and retail businesses experienced crime during 2016. ( 2016 Commercial Victimisation Survey ). Types of crime included vandalism, vehicle-related theft, robbery, assaults and threats, theft, and fraud.

Whilst it could be suggested that the recent fall in retail crime rates might be related to the increase in video surveillance cameras, there is still much work to be done to protect business premises, assets and personnel. More and more retail managers and business owners are installing a CCTV camera system as a deterrent against such crimes. We give you 12 clear reasons why every business should consider installing a CCTV camera system.

1.       CCTV camera systems prevent theft

It stands to reason that thieves will conduct some preliminary research before selecting a business to target. They will be looking for points of vulnerability, down times in security and the presence of video surveillance cameras. The fear of getting caught on camera is a big one and will deter most criminals.

2.       Video surveillance cameras may reduce insurance premiums

Insurance companies are interested in levels of risk . If your level of risk is reduced by the presence of a CCTV camera system then your insurance company may be persuaded to lower your insurance premiums.

3.       CCTV camera systems can be remotely monitored

We tend to think of security as a ‘hands on’ process but one of the main benefits of modern video surveillance cameras is that they can be monitored from the comfort of your own home or even whilst you are away on business trips.

4.      CCTV can help the police to catch thieves

Statistics prove that nobody can guard against all crime but should you or your business become a victim, a CCTV camera system gives police a far better chance of identifying criminals and preventing them from causing further damage and distress.

5.       Video surveillance can help you to monitor employee behaviour

Most employees are trustworthy but footage from CCTV camera systems can be a very useful tool when it comes to monitoring behaviour, sorting out disputes and guarding against internal theft.

6.       CCTV is a great way to keep your employees safe

As an employer you have a responsibility to look ensure the health and safety of your employees. An important part of this is keeping them as safe as possible from intruders and there is no better way to do this than installing a CCTV camera system .

7.       Today’s CCTV camera systems are sophisticated tools

Today’s video surveillance cameras go far beyond recording hours of footage. Many commercial systems include video analytics, which can track employees and customers as they move around retail locations.

8.       CCTV brings improvements in employee productivity

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all work that little bit harder if we know someone is watching us. Video surveillance systems allow you, as an employer, to keep an eye on your workforce without seeming too intrusive.

9.        Digital storage of CCTV footage is simple

Today’s CCTV camera systems allow for the storage and review of large amounts of video footage. This footage can be put to a number of uses including analysis of work methods and observation of employee behaviour as well as security monitoring.

10.     CCTV offers increased customer confidence

Retail customers are more likely to shop somewhere they feel is safe and secure. CCTV can add to the feeling of security of the shopping environment and encourage customers to return.

11.     CCTV camera systems offer access control

Knowing who has entered and exited your premises and at what times can be very useful when it comes to business security. An advanced video surveillance system will allow you to deny access to anybody who fails to meet your security requirements.

12.     Video surveillance systems can be quickly and easily installed

Some business managers are worried about how complex or expensive the installation of a suitable CCTV camera system will be. Modern video surveillance systems are easy to fit and integrate with existing set ups

CCTV camera systems offer so many benefits to business security that they must surely be one of the most important steps any business owner can take towards the safety of their premises, their stock, their staff and their customers. For free, no obligation advice on how to protect your place of business, please get in touch with us on 01908 698 777 – or email us at  info@alertcctvsys.co.uk

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