10 Smart Ways to Prevent (Break-ins) Crime While You are on Holiday

Posted on 17th November 2017

We all look forward to going on holiday and spending some relaxing time away from the worries of being at work and home. However, once all the plans have been made, the tickets booked and the packing done, it’s often then that our thoughts turn to home security, how to prevent crime such as burglary and how to deter criminals.

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Our homes are our most treasured possessions, they belong to us and they make us feel safe. It’s no wonder that many of us worry about home crime whilst we are away on holiday; there were 667,000 recorded cases of domestic burglary in the UK between June 2016 and June 2017. CCTV and remote monitoring can bring peace of mind and the opportunity to really enjoy a holiday but they are pieces of a bigger picture, we look at 10 smart ways to prevent break-ins while you are on holiday.

1. Give a key to a trusted neighbour

The chances are that you have at least one neighbour who isn’t a burglar and can be trusted to keep an eye on your house in an emergency while you are away. Giving a key to a neighbour is a far more secure idea than leaving one under the obvious plant pot or doormat.

2. Leave your home tidy

Empty houses, over time, start to look run down and uncared for. Empty houses are also targets for criminals. One less well-known piece of advice on how to deter burglars is to give your property a good tidy up before you leave for your holiday. Cut grass, watered plants and swept drives all give the impression that someone is in residence and encourage burglars to move on.

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3. Find a house sitter

Many of us use pet sitters to look after our pets while we are away, but if you are seriously worried about how to deter burglars, a house sitter might be the answer to your problems. If you don’t have friends or family who are willing to look after your place for you then it is easy to hire verified and checked house sitters online https://www.housesittersuk.co.uk/home 

4. Make it look as though you are at home

An empty house is a vulnerable house. If you can’t find a house sitter, the next best thing is to make it look as though your home has someone in it, at least some of the time. Ask a friend to park a car on your drive and invest in timing switches for your lights.

5. Switch off from social media to prevent crime

It is natural isn’t it? You are excited about your holiday and you want to tell as many people as possible that you are going to have a wonderful time. However, sharing your pre-holiday excitement or your holiday photos sends a clear message that you are not in your home. If you are not in your home and don’t have a house sitter, the only way to know who is in it is through remote monitoring.

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6. Deal with your mail and other deliveries

Social media is the modern way to tell the world that your house is going to be empty but unread mail and deliveries piled up inside your door and stuffed in your letterbox give exactly the same message. Make sure you cancel all regular deliveries, such as milk, and ask a friend or neighbour to deal with your post, or choose a keepsafe service from the post office.

7. Lock your doors and windows

It sounds obvious we know, but we often find ourselves in a rush as we dash off on holiday, missing that important, final check of all doors and windows. Most burglars are opportunists and will see an open window as an invitation, they will also be quite happy to try doors and windows to see if they will open. It doesn’t take long to make that final security check so make sure that you do.

8. Install a CCTV system

If you are looking for serious ways to prevent crime in or around your property while you are on holiday then you should consider a CCTV system. When a group of former burglars were asked what advice they would give on the topic of ‘how to deter burglars’ they said that they were deterred most by ‘CCTV cameras’. CCTV cameras are not only effective deterrents against burglary; they also give the best chance, of all prevention methods, of the apprehension of criminals. When choosing a CCTV system, make sure that you buy a digital recorder that offers remote monitoring.

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9. Invest in Remote Monitoring

A remote monitoring system is a significant way to prevent crime. Remote monitoring uses CMS software via your exclusive IP address to allow you to view your home whilst you are away. Viewing is done privately via a web browser or even on your mobile phone. If you are worried about your property whilst you are on holiday, remote monitoring offers a great way to make a quick check and then leaves you free to enjoy yourself. If the remote monitoring system does show something untoward then you have the perfect opportunity to ask a friend or neighbour to make a check for you.

10. Talk to a security expert

Sometimes worrying about how to prevent crime in your home and how to deter burglars can spoil your anticipation and enjoyment of your holiday. This doesn’t make sense when you have saved and spent so much to get there. By talking to a security and CCTV expert you can find exactly the right system for you and get other useful information. For free no obligation advice on how to protect your home or place of business please get in touch with us by calling  01908 698 777 – or email us at info@alertcctvsys.co.uk  
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