Q) What is the difference between analogue and IP Cameras?

A) Analogue camera turn a video signal into a format that can be received by TV or other receiver device.

IP stands for Internet Protocal. The cameras digitalise the video signal using a specialised encoder that contains an onboard web server allowing the camera to act as a network device.

Both Analogue and IP Cameras can transmit signals either wirelessly or through wired connection. Analogue camera generally cost less and come in a wider variety of designs. Whereas IP Cameras are a higher cost and a higher bandwidth is required.

Q) I have an internal shrinkage problem. I know think I’d like CCTV to catch this person but I do not want it indefinitely. What can I do?

A) We provide covert surveillance kits on a monthly rental basis.

Q) I have a theft issue but the staff work full time. When could you install a hidden camera?

A) Our engineers can work out of hours to install the covert camera once your store is closed.

Q) Can I have a callout without signing a contract?

A) We provide reactive assistance to anyone who needs it. Our callout charges include the first half an hour onsite. Give us a ring and we can do a diagnostic on the telephone and give you an estimate


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